Integrate the mobility of any city with our API

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Stops, schedules, lines and fares for all public transportation

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Location and availability of shared mobility

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Reservation and payment processes for public transportation and shared mobility

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Intelligent routing system

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Algorithms for calculating CO2 and money savings

Unlock the Power of Miivo API


  • Embrace Seamless Integration:Effortlessly integrate Miivos API into your existing platform or application, empowering your users with seamless access to a world of mobility solutions.
  • Harness Global Coverage:Tap into Miivos extensive network of mobility providers spanning across the globe, providing your users with comprehensive travel solutions for any destination.
  • Harness Global Coverage:Leverage Miivos real-time data feeds to ensure your users have access to the most up-to-date information, enabling informed decision-making and seamless travel experiences.
  • Scalability:Scale your application seamlessly with Miivos API, accommodating growing user bases and increasing demands without compromising performance.

Success stories

“Nuestra integración con Miivo nos ha permitido integrar toda la movilidad de ciudades como Valencia, Murcia, Sevilla o Málaga en poco tiempo y ofrecer así una solución de smart city total”
Julián Ruiz

Julián Ruiz

Business development & Integrations


Successful cases

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Smart Cities

Integrate the Miivo API into your Smart City project and connect with all the transportation in your city

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Transport companies

Connect your service with the Miivo API and improve your traveler information service

Icon representing Smart Cities with buildings and wireless signals


Mobility is the payment of a city. Connect our API to your Superapp and unlock the full potential of mobility