Renfe Cercanías 24 hours during the 2024 Fallas: All the information about the service

Discover how Renfe Cercanías will allow you to move 24 hours a day during the Fallas celebrations in 2024.

Adrià Aguado
Adrià Aguado
March 15, 2024

Renfe Cercanías 24 hours in the Fallas of 2024

During Fallas 2024, Renfe Cercanías will offer a special service with 24 continuous hours of operations from March 15 to 20 on certain lines, facilitating access to the center from cities on the outskirts of Valencia.

Some of the busiest Renfe Cercanías stations will have a recurrence of about 30 minutes during the early morning.

Keep in mind that not all lines or stations will be operational 24 hours a day, so we recommend downloading Miivo to keep track of your journey times during the early morning hours.

Renfe Cercanías schedules

Miivo recommendations for using Renfe Cercanías

Renfe Cercanías has different routes from points such as Moixent, Utiel, Claudiel or Castelló, among others. However, remember that ticket prices will depend on the area you are traveling to or from.

Below we leave you the Renfe Cercanías map so that you can take it into account:

Renfe Cercanías schedules

Renfe Cercanías schedules and rates for these failures

Below, we leave you the prices by area that we talked about in the previous section.

Single ticket price by zone


Round trip ticket price by zone


If you want more information, we recommend you visit our dedicated Renfe Cercanías article to know all the details.

Finally, in case you move around Valencia with the SUMA card, which we talked about in this article, remember that the price of the trip, and therefore the SUMA cards, will depend on the areas through which you move.

Below we leave you the map with the SUMA zones of Renfe Cercanías

suma renfe Cercanías

Alterations and mobilizations of Renfe Cercanías for the Fallas

To meet the specific demand generated by the Fallas, a total of 263 special trains have been scheduled on four lines in the core of València. In addition, 68 special night trains have been established with schedules between 01:00 and 05:55.

During the Fallas period, a total of 2,021 Cercanías trains will have origin and destination in Valencia, guaranteeing an efficient connection between the capital and the towns of the provinces of València and Castellón that are part of the Cercanías core.

Finally, we recommend that you visit our FALLAS GUIDE 2024 to know everything about the transportation of the city.