Falleras routes 2024: How to see the main faults of Valencia in one day

The Valencia Fallas 2024 is coming! At Miivo we bring you the definitive guide to know how to move around the city in a sustainable, comfortable and efficient way.

Adrià Aguado
Adrià Aguado
March 12, 2024

If you are looking for the best routes to see the main Fallas of Valencia this 2024 look no further. Below we show you all the routes and how to get there!

FIRST ROUTE - Fallas of the Center of Valencia

If you arrive by train to the Estación del Norte or travel by metro and stop at the Bailén or Xàtiva stations, you can explore five Fallas that are relatively close to each other. We present this itinerary for your visit:

  1. Falla Convento Jerusalem-Matemático Marzal, at the intersection between Convento Jerusalem and Matemático Marzal.
  2. Falla del City Hall, in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
  3. Falla Plaza de la Merced, in the Plaza de la Merced.
  4. Falla Plaza del Pilar, in Plaza del Pilar.
  5. Falla Plaza Na Jordana, in Salvador Giner.

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SECOND ROUTE - Campanar Faults

Using Metrovalencia Line 1 and getting off at Campanar you can enjoy these fallaes:

  1. Failure Pediatrician J. Comín-Sierra Calderona, in J. Comín (pediatrician)
  2. Monestir de Poblet-Aparicio Albiñana Fault, at the Monestir de Poblet and Aparicio Albiñana junction

THIRD ROUTE - Conde Altea and Avenida del Reino de Valencia

The routes of the EMT urban bus network, specifically lines 6, 14, 15, 19 and 20, make strategic stops on Avenida del Reino. Here you can begin a tour of the city's emblematic Fallas:

  1. Almirante Cadarso-Conde Altea Fault, at the intersection point between Conde de Altea Street and Almirante Cadarso Avenue.
  2. Falla Regne de València-Duque de Calabria, at the confluence of Avenida del Reino de Valencia with Duque de Calabria street.
  3. Falla Sueca-Literato Azorín, at the intersection of Literato Azorín and Sueca streets.
  4. Falla Cuba-Literato Azorín, at the intersection of Cuba and Literato Azorín streets.

We recommend purchasing a SUMA card to be able to move around Valencia with a single card, and at reduced prices.


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