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SUMA Card Valencia: All advantages

Valencia revolutionized the mobility landscape with the launch of the SUMA card and in this article, we will explain all the advantages of this new card

Adrià Aguado
Adrià Aguado
March 6, 2023

From the beginning of 2022, Valencia revolutionized the mobility landscape with the launch of SUMA, a card that unifies all means of public transport in the province and that reduces the cost by up to 50% of the tickets.

In this article we will explain what its main features are and what advantages it has over other subscriptions.

SUMA card features

Taking into account the great change that the introduction of the SUMA card has generated in Valencian public transport at Miivo we wanted to analyze the main characteristics of this new pass.

  • Means of transport included

One of the main features of the SUMA card is the total unification of public transport in Valencia in a single pass. The means of transport included in this unification are Metrovalència, RENFE, EMT and Metrobus services.

  • SUMA card areas

  • zonal map SUMA Metrovalencia

    The Metrovalencia service is the means of public transport that has undergone a more important change at zonal level, moving from the previous 4-zone system (ABCD), to a new map with 2 main zones (A and B) and a third reserved for the airport (C). In addition, the creation of the crossings where zones A and B join, makes journeys between the same zone even easier, thus reducing the cost of the trip.

  • SUMA RENFE zonal map

    In the case of RENFE, last Friday March 3rd, the increase from 2 to 4 zones was announced, thus covering the entirety of the Renfe Rodalies service, connecting with Castelló. This change will mean, for example, that the monthly pass to travel from Valencia to Castelló or from Castelló to Valencia is worth €25/month less (€131 now compared to €158.65 previously)

  • SUMA Metrobus zone map

    Finally, the Metrobus service has also seen how its zonal map has been expanded to 4 zones (A, B, C and Airport), integrating all the lines and journeys of the Metrobus service into the unified tariff.

  • SUMA card type

    Although the creation of the SUMA card has led to a very significant reduction in the number of titles and tickets to buy to move around Valencia, there are different varieties depending on some characteristics:
  • SUMA 10: The SUMA 10 card is the unified version of the traditional 10-trip voucher with which you can make 10 trips on any means of public transport. The price of this card will vary depending on the zone or zones through which your journey travels.
  • SUMA Monthly: the monthly SUMA pass will allow you to make unlimited trips for 30 days on any means of public transport in Valencia.
  • SUMA Monthly Youth: this subscription is exactly the same as the previous one with the difference of the additional 15% discount for holders of the Youth Card.
  • SUMA T: the SUMA T card will allow you to make unlimited trips during a period of 24 hours (T1), 48 hours (T2) or 72 hours (T3), excluding the Airport stop.
  • SUMA T+: this pass is exactly the same as the previous one with the addition of including journeys with destination or origin at the Airport stop.
  • SUMA events: Ticket for attendees of the event, valid for EMT, FGV, Metrobús and Renfe Rodalies in ZONES A and B, one-way and/or return journey to the airport optional. No travel limit for the duration of the agreed event.
  • SUMA purple: You can travel on EMT, FGV, Metrobús, Renfe Rodalies, and urban transport in Paterna and Sagunto. No travel limit for any area within the calendar year from January 1 to December 31, renewable as long as the conditions defined by the Ministry of Equality are maintained.

SUMA card advantages

Having observed the main characteristics of the SUMA card, in this section we will focus on analyzing the most important advantages that this new pass offers to users of public transport in Valencia, such as how much does the SUMA card cost?


    The most important advantage of the SUMA card is undoubtedly the reduction in the average ticket price of up to 50% on most journeys. As can be seen in the image, it is not only a price reduction as such but the zonal unification makes it much easier for users to travel between a single zone, thus lowering the cost of the trip.


Although the fare reduction is the main advantage, the unification of all public transport on a single card is not far behind and even helps to a large extent to reduce the cost of moving sustainably. In this sense, being able to access any means of public transport with a single card makes the user's experience much more comfortable and efficient.


    Finally, the unification mentioned in the previous point takes on even more relevance considering that transfer between means of transport is free for 1 hour. This means that SUMA card users can, for example, get on Metrovalencia, make a trip and complete it with another bus journey to reach their final destination in the most optimal way. The available combinations are EMT-Renfe, Metrovalència-Renfe, Metrobus-Renfe, Metrovalència-EMT, Metrovalència-Metrobus, Metrobus-EMT.

The SUMA card in Miivo

From Miivo we want to contribute our grain of sand to this great measure by digitizing all the information available in our app by creating the "Timetables and Rates" section. In this section, you will be able to see in each means of public transport (EMT, Metrovalència, RENFE and Metrobus) which are all the tickets and passes available taking into account the SUMA card, the price, the distribution of areas and special discounts.

On the other hand, we are also working on a new functionality that includes the possibility of knowing through which zone/a journey takes place in order to be able to offer better information to our users and so that you can know at all times which ticket or voucher you have to shop.