Can I take my electric scooter on public transport in Valencia?

Valencia is not following in the footsteps of Catalonia and Seville and will continue to allow electric scooters on public transport.

Adrià Aguado
Adrià Aguado
February 23, 2023

Has Valencia banned scooters on public transport?

No, neither the city of Valencia nor the Valencian Community in general have banned the ability to take the electric scooter on board the different means of public transport.

Therefore, it is still allowed to ride your electric scooter on Metrovalència, EMT Valencia, Renfe Rodalies and Metrobus.


Unlike other cities such as Catalonia and Seville, Valencia has decided to continue betting on multimodality, allowing the use of electric scooters and public transport to be combined.

What are the advantages of combining the electric scooter and public transport?

The exponential growth of electric scooter use in recent years has led users to find the best ways to get around their city.


In this sense, former regular users of public transport have found the electric scooter a great ally to connect their journeys. This way, you can take the scooter from its origin to the metro/bus/train stop, make the longest journey by any of these means, and then arrive quickly and comfortably at the final destination.

On the other hand, the emergence of this combination of collective transport and personal mobility have generated a great synergy that has benefited them. In the case of public transport, the appearance of the scooter has made it possible to better structure its defined structure with the needs of users. Likewise, being able to make most of the journey by metro, bus or train allows scooter users to save time and money while still using their vehicle to complete their journey.

Why have they banned electric scooters on public transport in Seville or Catalonia?

So if Valencia has not banned the use of electric scooters in public transport, why have cities as important as Seville or even all of Catalonia?

The reasons given by their respective public administrations focus on some accidents that have occurred recently due to scooter batteries catching fire. In the case of Catalonia, especially after an electric scooter caught fire during a journey on local trains.

Recommendations for taking scooters on public transport.

Considering the approach that some communities and cities in Spain have decided to take, at Miivo we have counted on Atriamove (specialists in electric scooters) to give some recommendations for using the scooter electric on board public transport.

  • Park it in a place that does not disturb other passengers. In the case of the metro and the train, you can leave it under the folded seats to make the most of the space.
  • Carry out good maintenance of the electric scooter. Because of their versatility, some scooter users tend to think that they can use it as and when they want and this unconscious use can be harmful.
  • Have revision guarantee of the key elements of the scooter. Having the assurance that someone professional like Atriamove has checked parts like the brakes or battery of your scooter will reduce the chances of having an accident of any kind.
  • Finally and very important, remember to take it for inspection every 1,000 km to check the condition of the battery and electronic components, this way you will avoid accidents and extend the useful life of your scooter.



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