News: The best mobility app, ever closer

From the Miivo team we are very happy to announce that the project continues to grow and we are getting closer to being able to offer you all the mobility of Valencia in a single app.

Adrià Aguado Lorente
Adrià Aguado Lorente
December 27, 2021


That's why today we bring you exclusively our mockup where you can see what will Miivo look like, what sections will our app have and how will it work Keep reading this article to know all the details about our first mockup and what features it has.


For us, the experience of our users has always been a key aspect to offer you a unique usability with the fewest possible obstacles. With this in mind our registration process will be as easy and short as possible so you can create your user in a few seconds.

As you can see, once you download Miivo on your smartphone you will have 2 options to register your user very easily:

  • Register with Google/Facebook: One of the easiest and fastest ways to register is to use an account that is already created on these platforms. Therefore, you will be able to register on Miivo with your Google or Facebook accounts without having to fill out any form.
  • Registration with data: if on the contrary you prefer to register with your data, Miivo will only need 4 data to access our app: email, username, password and date of birth. This way you can use Miivo in a few seconds and fill in any necessary information (ID, driver's license, etc.) at any other time.


Continuing with our philosophy of making Miivo the most accessible and comfortable for you, our app will have different functionalities adapted to your characteristics. This way, you'll have access to the Rewards, Trips, Challenges, Portfolio, and Adjustments sections where you'll have all the information you need to get the most out of Miivo.

Also, in the settings section you can further customize your experience within the app. From changing the language in which all information appears, by subscribing in a single click to our newsletter and even being able to add your ID or driver's license with a single photo, you can do it all in a moment.


Finally, in this section of Miivo you will have the possibility to configure your cards in the way you prefer. In this way there will be two possibilities:

  • Add credit card: in order to enjoy all the features of Miivo, you will need to register your credit card and thus be able to pay with a single click. As we know this process can be tedious, Miivo makes it as simple as possible by filling it out yourself or simply using a photo.
  • Add transport pass: in order to adapt our functions to you as much as possible, in Miivo you can add which type or types of pass you use to be able to personalize your experience accordingly. In addition, when registering your subscriptions, we will be able to give you detailed and visual information on the cost of mobility in your pocket and offer you alternatives that are better suited to what you need. Finally, by registering your passes you can participate in challenges and receive exclusive rewards for the means of transport you use.


After giving you a little brush up on all the progress we're making to give you the most personalized mobility, we hope you're as excited as we are to be able to use Miivo as soon as possible.

Finally, as you know, for us your opinion is the most important and we want it that you feel part of Miivo. That is why in the coming weeks we will launch a small questionnaire for those of you who are subscribed to our newsletter a the one you can tell us what you'd like Miivo to have when we launch the app and which companies you would like us to partner with for our rewards.


Miivo is getting closer and we want you to be part of this big change towards sustainable mobility.