Programming of the Night of the Cremà de las Fallas 2024: Schedules and order

Below we leave you the order and times in which the main monuments of the Fallas will be burned along with more information that may interest you.

Adrià Aguado
Adrià Aguado
March 18, 2024

On Tuesday, March 19 Valencia will give way to the closing of one of the saddest events of the Fallas: la Nit de la Cremà, which will take place throughout the afternoon.

Below we will tell you when the cremà is and at what time the monuments and ninots of all the fallaes will be burned.

Schedules and order of the Cremà 2024

Below we leave you the detailed programming of Cremà 2024:

  • 8:00 p.m.: Cream of children's failures.
  • 20:30 h: Cremà of the winning children's falla of the Special Section, that of the Jerusalem-Matemàtic Marzal Convent.
  • 21:00 h: Cremà de la falla children's located in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
  • 22:00 h: Cremà of all the faults of Valencia.
  • 22:30 h: Cremà of the winning falla of the Special Section, the l’Antiga de Campanar falla.
  • 23:00 h: Cremà de la falla located in the Town Hall Square.

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motos y bicis en las artes y las ciencias

Route to see all the monuments of these Fallas

In case you are reading this before the cremà, you still have time to visit and enjoy all the most important fallaes.

To do this, we have prepared this article for you on how to visit the main faults before of the Cremà.

The Ride of Fire: The preamble to the Cremà

Preceding the cremà ceremony, the Fire Cavalcade will illuminate the streets of Valencia this Tuesday, March 19, starting at 7 p.m. from the streets of La Paz to Puerta del Mar.

This parade is distinguished by its pyrotechnic elements, thunder and fireworks, which bring to life fire beasts and other fantastic creatures, all of them inspired by the rich Valencian cultural heritage. It is a show that captivates the senses and sets the stage for the grandiose cremà ceremony, thus marking the beginning of a memorable night in the city of Valencia.

cabalgata del fuego

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