Welcome to Miivo

Miivo is the new application for you to move around your city in your own way. Plan your route, choose the best option for you and pay in a second while earning rewards by betting on sustainable mobility. Find out all about Miivo in this article.

Adrià Aguado
Adrià Aguado
September 22, 2021

If you've made it this far, it means you're interested in Miivo and want to learn a little more about what we do, how we do it, and how using our app can benefit you. And you did well.

In the following sections we will give you all the information you need to know the new application that will transform the way we move through cities. Welcome to Miivo

What is Miivo?

With the growing emergence of options to move around cities, from Miivo we realized that there were some obstacles to making mobility sustainable the best option Too many apps to install, one public transport that is not digitized and a great lack of incentives are some of the main problems. With these drawbacks in mind we choose to create Miivo to eliminate them once and for all and create the best smart mobility app. How? With these 3 characteristics key:

  • Unification: Miivo groups all the sustainable mobility options available in your city (metro, bike, scooters, bus...) in a single application. Thanks to this, our users will be able to plan, book and pay for all their trips just using Miivo.
  • Reward: Miivo not only aims to be the best app for getting around cities but also the best mobility community. To achieve this, our users will be able to enjoy rewards, challenges and prizes for using sustainable mobility options instead of the car.
  • Personalization: Miivo is made by and for people. That's why we will create the most personalized comparison tool so that each user can choose the best way to move around their city.

Why use Miivo?

Once you have seen the main features of Miivo you may be asking yourself why should I use Miivo? Well for many reasons:

  • Because Miivo will allow you to move comfortably and quickly. Forget about having to download a thousand apps, compare between the options that suit you best and pay for your trip in a few seconds.
  • Because with Miivo you are the center of attention. Create your user, configure your preferences and let us do the rest. Personalized routes, key information about your trip and challenges and rewards made just for you.
  • And because with Miivo going to work, studying or simply moving around your city has a reward. Take part in challenges, invite your friends to get points and win countless rewards while betting on sustainable mobility.

Immerse yourself in our community and enjoy your mobility like never before.

MiivoTech: the mobility of the future

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As you can see throughout the article, joining Miivo is all about benefits. More freedom to choose the way we move, more comfort in having them all options in a single application and more commitment to the betting environment for sustainable mobility.

And all this with the opportunity to win countless rewards by participating in challenges and draws with your friends. Getting around your city has never been easier, sustainable and fun.

Move your way with Miivo.