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General questions

What is Miivo?

Miivo is a mobility as a service (MaaS) application that offers our users information about public and private transportation options. Miivo allows you to consult routes, schedules and fares of different means of transportation, helping you to choose the best travel options according to your preferences.

What is Miivo for?

Miivo is the best app to move around Valencia. In Miivo you will be able to:

  • See the schedules and stops of MetroValencia, EMT Valencia, Renfe Cercanías and Metrobus.
  • Plan and compare routes according to cost, duration, C02 saved...
  • View location, battery, price and book Acciona, Cooltra and Yego bikes.
  • View Valenbisi stations, spaces and available bikes.

What means of transport are available in Miivo?

Currently in Miivo are available Metrovalencia, EMT Valencia, Renfe Cercanías, Metrobus, Valenbisi and the shared bikes of Acciona, Cooltra and Yego.

Do I have to pay to use Miivo?

No, Miivo is completely free for our users.


Can I see the public transport timetables in Miivo?

Yes, you can see the timetables from stop to stop of Metrovalencia, EMT Valencia, Renfe Cercanías and Metrobús by going to the Miivo side menu located on the top left side of the screen and entering the timetables section.

How do I add a favorite place in Miivo?

To add a favorite site in Miivo simply click on "Create your favorite site" in the bottom bar of the main screen. Once you are in the section you just have to give the site a title, add the address and choose an icon and a color to customize it the way you want.

What is the purpose of adding a bookmarked site in Miivo?

By adding a favorite place in Miivo you will be able to see the different options to get to that location with a single click so you don't have to look for it every time.

Can I book and buy transportation directly through Miivo?

No, the current version of Miivo does not allow the purchase or use of any means of transportation. However, we recommend that you follow us on social networks to be aware of when you can, with just one click, buy public transport tickets, book a ride with a shared mobility service, or even rent a bicycle or scooter.

Is it possible to recharge the SUMA card in Miivo?

Not yet, but we hope to be able to enable this functionality very soon in Miivo.

Challenges and rewards

How does the reward system work at Miivo?

Miivo's reward system is based on:

  • For each trip you complete using Miivo, we calculate the C02 savings you have achieved and convert it into an in-app currency, Miivo Points.
  • These Miivo Points are cumulative and can be redeemed in the Rewards section of the side menu.
  • There, you will be able to select the rewards you like the most and, if you have enough Miivo Points, redeem them to get the discounts, prizes or products you want.

How do the Miivo challenges work?

In Miivo we have created a section with different themed challenges that will allow you to get exclusive prizes such as free transport passes, subscriptions to platforms or products like our tote bag. To participate in them, you will have to enter the Challenges section of the side menu, choose the one that best suits you and follow the instructions. There is a wide variety of challenges: from some sponsored by other companies in which you will compete against other Miivo users, to some in which you will simply have to perform certain actions (make 10 bus trips using Miivo).


Is my personal information secure on Miivo?

Miivo takes your privacy and data security very seriously. The app adheres to industry standard practices to safeguard your personal information and uses encryption to protect sensitive data. We recommend you review the app's privacy policy for more detailed information about how we handle your data and the security measures we implement at Miivo.

Can I delete my personal data from Miivo if I want to?

Of course, the data is yours and we respect your privacy to the fullest. To do this you simply have to request it through the app and we will send you an email when your data has been securely and permanently deleted.